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  Lets Make Noise Around The House- Sound Pop Up Book  
Asset DGG-B-576
Age 3+
Availability 1
Author/Brand Debra Mostow Zakarin, Lisa Rojany Buccieri/Silver Dolphin
Price 500
Language English
Description It’s nap time at Zach and Zoe’s house and their baby sister is finally asleep. How can they have any fun if Mom says they have to be quiet? Kids will love watching their new friends get into lots of mischief around the house. CRASH! Uh-oh — they've made a terrible mess in the kitchen trying to make cookies. BURP! Will their noisy burps wake the baby? WAH! The baby’s awake — maybe hammering isn't such a good idea. With 5 silly sounds and giant pop-up spreads that cause kids to erupt into fits of giggles, we don’t recommend reading Let’s Make Noise Around the House during nap time!