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  Chota Bheem Vol 42-Laddoo No-1  
Asset DGG-B-1036
Age 6+
Availability 2
Author/Brand Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd
Price 70
Language English
Description Chagan, A New Sweets Vendor Comes To Dholakpur Market And Sets Up A Stall. He Is Baffled To See The Entire Crowd Go To Tuntun Aunty For Laddoos. All His Plans Fail To Attract The Crowd. Bheem Tricks Chagan When He Overhears The Latter’S Plan To Steal Tuntun’S Secret Ingredient. Furious Chagan Uses His Brawn To Get Even With Bheem.Is Bheem Able To Match Up To Chagan? Can Bheem Defend Tuntun’S Laddoos, The Pride Of Dholakpur?