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  Roald Dahl Charlie And The Chocolate Factory  
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Age 8+
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Author/Brand Roald Dahl
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Language English
Description Two of Dahl's most beloved classics "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "James and the Giant Peach" are available for the first time as unabridged picture books. Full color. 128-160 pp. 8 x 10. Pub. 3/11.The gates of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory are opening at last and only five children will be allowed inside.Roald Dahl is considered one of the most beloved writers of our time. Although he passed away in 1990, his popularity continues to increase as his fantastic novels, including "The Witches" and" Matilda", delight an ever-growing legion of fans.The story was originally inspired by Roald Dahl's experience of chocolate companies during his schooldays. Cadbury would often send test packages to the schoolchildren in exchange for their opinions on the new products. At that time (around the 1920s), Cadbury and Rowntree's were England's two largest chocolate makers and they each often tried to steal trade secrets by sending spies, posing as employees, into the other's factory. Because of this, both companies became highly protective of their chocolate making processes. It was a combination of this secrecy and the elaborate, often gigantic, machines in the factory that inspired Dahl to write the story.