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  Little Einsteins-Quincy & The Dinosaurs  
Asset DGG-B-1318
Age 5+
Availability 1
Price 75
Language English
Description Quincy And The Dinosaurs book describe little Einsteins takes pre-schoolers on thrilling learning trips around the globe, with a cast of four enthusiastic adventurers and a transforming rocket! From the Amazonian Rainforest to the Great Pyramids to under the sea and into outer space, Leo, Quincy, Annie and June invite preschoolers to join them as they work to complete important missions in exciting locations. With stunning real-life images, famous works of art and classical music as storytelling devices, children discover the arts while work ing as a team to explore, problem solve and complete the mission of the day And if children are engaged, you can bet their parents are too After all, who wouldn??€�t want to spend a half hour zooming around the globe with Rocket, solving fun and interactive missions And when the mission is accomplished, everyone joins in the celebration.