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  Sabris Colours  
Asset DGG-B-646
Age 3
Availability 1
Author/Brand Rinchin / Tulika
Price 135
Language English
Description Sabri loves to draw. She draws wherever she can. On the floor of the hut with rough chalk, or with her one and only pencil on paper from old notebooks. She draws her world ??€� the sun coming up from behind the hills, her Ayti and Baba and little Chakuli crawling, the chicken, the goats. . . Then one day in school she sees long colour pencils, and paint that comes out of bottles. After that it isn't enough for her to draw ??€� she longs to fill the pictures with colour. Sabri's Colours captures the poignancy of Sabri's yearning with skill and understatement. While it tugs at the heart, the young girl's spirit and determination to get what is out of her reach is powerful and inspiring. The strong lines and colours of the pictures beautifully illustrate the mood of the story.