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  Paro Anand- Wild Child & Other Stories  
Asset DGG-B-1435
Age 10
Availability 1
Author/Brand Paro Anand
Price 150
Language English
Description Any self-respecting teenager has to have at least five angst-ridden issues in life, Paro Anand announces. And the teens in this book definitely lead troubled lives. If you enjoy escaping into stories that transport you into fantastical worlds, Wild Child And Other Stories is not for you. What the book does offer are twelve short stories that could easily belong to you or someone you know. Anand has a knack for writing stories you can relate to and brings the characters to life. The tales don’t shy away from dealing with difficult issues like domestic violence, molestation, terrorism and death. Through her teenage characters, Anand makes you a part of their lives struck by loss and fear. Each story is presented with a lot of sensitivity and understanding. While a story like “Santa’s Little Helper” does provide comic relief, the book largely deals with how complex issues affect ordinary lives. This book deserves to be read if only to see how Anand manages to create heroes and villains out of everyday people.