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  Twister Hopscotch  
Asset DGG-G-424
Age 6
Availability 1
Author/Brand Twister
Price 999
Language English
Description It's a whole new way to hopscotch! How will you hop& In a straight line? A diamond or a zig zag? Why not make up your own way? Set up your path with the durable, non-slip rings and spin your way to hopscotch fun! TWISTER® HOPSCOTCH is easy to learn, quick to set up, and the movable rings let you change your path and customize your game every time you play! TWISTER® HOPSCOTCH is ideal for active indoor play! Set up the durable, non-slip rings and follow the directions on the spinner. Change your path for a new game every time! Includes 13 rings, 16 ring clips, spinner with arrow and base, carrying case and instructions. For 1 or more players. Ages 4 and up.