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  Puzzle Learning Maths  
Asset DGG-G-379
Age 3
Availability 1
Author/Brand Hotwheels
Price 140
Language English
Description One of your children??€�s biggest fear is the math monster. However, once math is deciphered, it is a piece of cake. No longer will your children detest math period at school nor will they put away math homework. Help your child learn math the fun-filled way, with the help of an amazing puzzle. BPI is known for its constant dedication in bringing out some of the finest range of toys and puzzles for children. Presenting the Learning Maths Hot Wheels puzzle, children will no longer loathe maths as a subject. The concepts of addition and subtraction will now become interesting and fun as this puzzle effectively teaches boys and girls between the ages of five and seven to tackle math with ease. With 48 pieces of maths sum cards to practice, this puzzle with its attractive features will instill math concepts in children, enabling them to understand maths better. With an amazing Hot Wheels feature, the BPI Learning Maths Hot Wheels puzzle can also be used as an effective learning tool in schools and educational institutions.