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  1001 Things To Do When There's Nothing To do  
Asset DGG-B-891
Age 7+
Availability 1
Author/Brand Louise Colligan & Linda Aber
Price 100
Language English
Description What do you do: * when you're lonely and bored? * when friends are over, but you can't think of anything fun to do? * when you're at home with the flu? * when you want to make some money? The answer is: read this book! it's bursting with fun-filled suggestions - 1001 of them! There are crafts to make, clubs to form, skateboarding stunts, computer games, and more! Learn new games to play in the snow and creative ways to keep cool in the summer. Find out what to do on long car rides, in the school cafeteria, on a cloudy day at the beach, waiting in line for a movie - just about anywhere you might need something to do!