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  Silly Sentences  
Asset DGG-G-815
Age 4+
Availability 1
Author/Brand DK Games
Price 700
Description The hairy fish saw a scary cat” "The crocodile ate a clock" "The frog jumped over a tree" Your child will spend hours composing silly sentences like these. Silly Sentences by DK uses fun puzzle pieces to help children construct sentences no matter how silly their meaning. A great game for grammar skills practice for the first three years of school. Features of the Silly Sentences game include: Designed for 1 to 4 players, aged 4-7 years designed to help preschool children learn the alphabet and recognise the associated letter sounds. Children can create an almost endless variation of sentences Colour coded cards help children learn nouns, verbs and adjectives Developed in association with early learning consultants Contents of the game include: 124 sturdy puzzle pieces Easy to follow instruction sheet