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  Rolling Tales  
Asset DGG-G-960
Age 3+
Availability 1
Author/Brand Chalk And Chuckles
Price 349
Description Rolling tales brings excitement to oral and written storytelling. The 9 dice consist of 6 objects/characters dice and 3 feelings dice. The dice spark the imagination to help children to make a story. The character/ object dice have images whereas the feelings dice also have the feeling word printed on it. Unleash your imagination and storytelling skills with these dice. There is a storyteller in each one of us, simply roll the dice and let the story unfold! No matter who writes down the stories, an adult or a child, you can all enjoy reading them over and over again! Contains: 9 dice (6 characters/objects dice and 3 feelings dice), 1 writing Pad, 1 bag Skill Development: Imagination, creative thinking, oral and written expression, vocabulary, social and emotional