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  Hape Bamboo Crazy Tower  
Asset DGG-G-945
Age 3+
Availability 1
Author/Brand Hape
Price 2100
Description At Hape, Passion for producing good toys is common to all companies in our group. Our close attention to play value and strict quality standards has helped us achieve worldwid recognition not only within our industry but by our most important critics: children. As a company, we combine imaginative toy designs with high quality materials that naturally develop the abilities of children and support their development. But that is only one aspect of our passion. More important is the element of fun and joy children experience when they play with our toys. We know that children play with the same toy over and over again because they are challenged and they begin to master something new on their own. Our experience differs from other toy manufacturers in beliefs on toys and play. We hope you recognize the Hape hallmark of innovative design which we have worked hard to achieve. The tower is getting taller and taller, but when will it crash to the ground? It takes nerves of steel and a steady hand to make crazy towers. Have you got what it takes? Appropriate for 2 to 6 players. Age: 3 to 99 Years. Main Materials: Bamboo.