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  Toy Craft- Sports Puzzle  
Asset DGG-G-996
Age 5+
Availability 1
Author/Brand Toy Kraft
Price 225
Description This puzzle from Toy Kraft communicates educational content and encourages probe and play besides providing puzzle options. Some of sports selected may be new to the child. As a 3 piece puzzle, each piece depicts the main play items, the location and the sport in action. All the pieces have a common jig, so the child has to find out the correct matched pieces using the colour strip guide at the top which is unique for each sport. When all the matches are complete, the child learns about each sport and the parent can elaborate more features about the sport. By encouraging the child to solve the puzzle the child's interest in sports is stimulated at a very young age.Since all the pieces have common jigs other multi-play possibilities - such as sports classification can be tried out.