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  Creatives Know Your World - Activity Pack  
Asset DGG-G-1015
Age 6+
Availability 1
Author/Brand Creatives
Price 170
Description Creatives Know Your World - Activity Pack Contains a variety of activities that will familiarize students with the world and provide them with guidance for an in-depth study of any continent or country. As children compete these activities they will see that knowledge of geography enhances their awareness and understanding of many other areas of study as well. Learning Objectives : Familiarize with map symbols, directions, locations, index and other concepts of reading and understanding maps Help students find their own country in relation to the world and the countries in relation to each other Enable to recognize different land masses, water bodies, Equator, Prime Meridian, Hemispheres etc. Understand different time zones Help find the location of different countries with the help of Index Major Activities : Building Puzzle: Put together a beautifully coloured 100-piece world map jigsaw puzzle that names the continents, oceans and shows all the countries of the world and their capitals Activity Book : Fill in the pages of your own workbook, packed with puzzles, hands-on activities, crosswords and country search etc. (Page 1 to 11) Map exercises (pages 12-15). Complete the exercises independently. In case of difficulty refer the map and index World Comparisons, facts, index & answers (pages 16 to 20) Quiz Game : Find answers of quiz questions on different aspects of the world. The game consists of 35 questions-answer cards with 5 questions and their answers on each card. Contents : A spectacular activity map : 100-piece world map jigsaw puzzle An activity book (20 pages) A quiz Card Game (35 cards)