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  The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five  
Asset DGG-B-5296
Age 3+
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Author/Brand The Berenstain Bears
Price 199
Description There is a brand new baby at the Berenstain Bears\' house. Find out how Sister feels about this. Brother Bear understands that new baby, Honey, needs lots of attention. He\'d been through it when Sister was born. But Sister feels left out. Everyone thinks Honey\'s so cute, even though all she does is wet her diapers. Finally, though, Mama gets out videos of Sister when she was a baby. Turns out Sister got the same attention then as Honey is getting. Now Sister understands. For forty years children have been enthralled by the world of the Berenstain Bears. These easy-to-read stories about a funny bear family teach important values. What\'s more, the generally wise parent bears aren\'t afraid to be wrong. The First Time Books Berenstain series is a must for every youngster