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  Jigsaw Jones Detective Tips  
Asset DGG-B-3880
Age 7+
Availability 1
Author/Brand James Preller
Price 125
Description With terrific detective tips from Jigsaw Jones, you can be a supersleuth in no time! Learn what it takes to be the best detective on the block. Did your neighbor s cat disappear? Is your sister s lucky charm missing? And what is that strange noise coming from the school gym after dark? This sounds like a job for a detective -- you! With a little help from Jigsaw Jones, Private Eye, you will be a super sleuth in no time. Inside, you can solve mini-mysteries, crack codes, and ponder over puzzles. Jigsaws terrific tips will help you think, look, and act like the best detective in town, case closed. Jigsaw puzzles are like mysteries -- you have got to look at all the pieces to solve the case!